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The 6 Modern T-shirts and shirt styles You Should Know

The t-shirt and shirt style: The shirts can never go out of style; in fact, they are the most commonly used clothing found in wardrobes. They come in many types of fabrics, but cotton or cotton blends are more common though. T-shirts are quite easy to wear, they are comfy and can be easily taken care of. If you want to keep it casual, yet look elegant and made up, try T-shirts paired with different styles. Since summer is almost here, it’s time to pack your jackets and hoodies in the cupboards.

Perhaps it is time for you to familiarise yourself with the six modern T-shirt and shirt style, so you add can some variety to your wardrobe. Read below and make a list!

1. Linen T-shirt

The best part about linen tees is that they not only look amazing and comfortable to wear, but it is also helping you feel cool in the coming months of summer. They are lightweight, dries quickly and lets you breathe. When styling with linen T-shirts you can wear them with chinos or jeans, or if you prefer, match them it printed shorts of your choice.

2. Long-line Tees

Have you recently noticed that the hemlines of the tees have started dropping? If you plan to buy the long line T-shirts, make sure you pair them with slim-fit jeans and make sure you avoid the skinny cuts at all costs.

3. Coloured T-shirts

Block color T-shirts are always fashionable and if the temperatures allow, pair them with a lightweight bomber blazer for a winning style.

4. Knitted T-shirts

Knitted tees are more than your simple cotton crew neck. Remember, knitted T-shirts offer a more premium style on your wardrobe. Invest in these t-shirts if you want a more elegant style for your t-shirts.

5. Printed T-shirts

This style has become more popular in recent years, all thanks to the world famous Parisian label, Givenchy. There are so many digital prints to select from. For the best styling, wear them with denim shorts. Some of the best prints are Aztec, digital camo, floral prints, geometric prints, and micro prints. However, if you want, you can customise your shirt by getting a T-shirt printing service of your own. Just make sure you know where to get them done.

6. Logo T-shirts

Logo T-shirts does not mean odd-looking slogans printed on your shirts. We are talking about motifs and shirts with images of pop cultures and photography printed just right to make it look good on the T-shirts.

Remember, there is a reason why people prefer wearing T-shirts. They are just what one wants; comfy, lightweight and breathable. Wear it alone, or cover it up with blazers, the choice is yours. This summer, fill in your wardrobe with the different styles of T-shirts and make sure you give T-shirt printing a go this season.

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