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Creates a stencil, also known as a screen or mold using emulsion and light. The design which is embedded on the stencil allows fabric ink to sift through, which is used to print the design onto the merchandise. Silk Screen Printing is one of the most lasting printing method to date. Fashion T-Shirts which are purchased from shopping malls are usually printed using this printing method.

The price of Silk Screen Printing is dependent on the number of colors to be printed as well as the number of positions. For example, a yellow color print at the front and a yellow color print at the back is considered a 2 color print job. This is due to the number of stencils that needs to be constructed before printing the design onto the merchandises.

Silk Screen Printing is ideal for designs that consist of few printing colors.


Stitches the design onto the merchandises using a computerized embroidery machine. The end product gives a very professional look that will enhance the corporate identity.

The price of embroidery is factored by the number of stitches required, which is calculated using a stitch count software that is built within the computerized software.

Embroidery is recommended for the printing of small logos, usually within 100mm x 100mm. It is not recommended to be printed in A4 or A3 sizes as the backing may cause discomfort. It is also unable to produce color gradients.


Prints the design onto a paper carrier, which is then transferred to the merchandise using a heat press machine. Heat Transfer Printing has advanced tremendously since its introduction in the market more than a decade ago, allowing the prints to be much durable and vibrant.

The price of Heat Transfer Printing varies across the size of the print, which can be categorized into Logo Size (100mm x 100mm), A4 Size (280mm x 200mm), or A3 Size (380mm x 280mm)

It is usually recommended to customers that are looking to have designs that consist of several colors. Smaller runs of shirts can also be produced at a cheaper price using Heat Transfer Printing as compared to Silk Screen printing.


One of the latest printing technology in the industry to date, it operates in the exact same way as a inkjet printer. However, instead of printing onto sheets of paper, it prints the design directly onto the merchandise, using special pigment fabric ink.

Due to the cost of these machines and ink, it is very expensive and hence, not recommended for larger orders. Price is dependent on the size of print.

While Direct-to-Garment printers are able to produce designs that consist of multiple printing colors, even color gradients, the merchandise also have to be 100% Cotton in order for the ink to be absorbed.


Cuts the design or text using a machine known as a plotter. The unwanted parts are then weeded away before transferring them onto the merchandise using a heat press machine. Vinyl Transfer Printing is most commonly used to imprint individual names and numbers, as it allows different designs to be printed.

The price for Vinyl Transfer Printing varies across sizes.

It is limited to text and simple graphics like emoticons as it does not work well with complicated designs that consist of tiny details.

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