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How To Start A T-Shirt Business

If you are planning to start your online T-shirt business, you will need to read the following article to find out 10 easy steps that will make the whole process easier.

1. Develop an Idea that will sell

Once you have made up your mind to start a T-shirt business, you should come up with an idea that will sell. Jot down all the ideas on a piece of paper. Some things to keep in mind are; are you looking for graphic shirts or shirts with text on it? Do you plan to make shirts for women or men? What type of T-shirt printing do you plan to pursue?

2. Define your Target Audience

Now that the ideas are written down, your next step should be to define your target audience. Who do you plan to sell the shirt to? To teens, tweens etc.? Try to be specific. Some examples include; do you wish to sell to women of specific age with toddlers, or unmarried women of a certain age? To men who play football, or men who play football? The more specific you are, the better you will be at targeting and reaching out to the customers.

3. Set up a structure for your T-shirt business

Before you start with your business, set up a structure. How big you want your business to grow? How many people will you hire?

4. Manufacture the T-shirts

You can decide either to purchase blank Tees from others, or you can get the shirts produced as per your specifications.

5. T-shirt printing

There are many different methods used for T-shirt printing. Select the one that is most feasible for your t-shirt business.

6. Set a price

The price depends on the cost of each T-shirt. Make sure you add costs like shipping costs, printing costs, hashtag costs, marketing costs, and any other cost which should be included as well.

7. Selling your Tees

If you are aiming for online presence, then building a website is important for your t-shirt business. Next, you may also need postcards for promotion.

8. Wholesale market

When starting out a t-shirt business, it is better if you sell your shirts to other stores with the same target audience as yours. Some examples are; gift stores, T-shirt shops. Make a direct call to the store and talk to the potential buyer.

Starting any new business requires research, determination and above all, patience. You can’t possibly expect to hit the jackpot as soon as you start your business. Be patient, put in all your effort and leave out the rest that you can’t control. Do your research before you invest your money in the T-shirt business. Although it’s possible to save on resources, if the research is not done, you may end up losing all your money in the worst-case scenario. Be the smart one, and know where, why and what you are investing in. And finally, finding the right T-shirt printing method is crucial for your business and this can only be decided once you define your target audience.

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