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Methods For Printing The Tees

You must know these different t-shirt printing methods if you are starting a new business for T-shirt printing in Singapore. Reading this article will prove to be quite beneficial for you as we will reveal the most common printing methods used these days. And this is important because the consumers these days know what they want. So be smart and learn the different printing tees method before going into this.

1. Screen Printing

Also commonly known as silkscreen printing, this method requires a stencil and a mesh made of nylon. It is capable of creating high-quality T-shirt prints since the original design can be replicated easily. Many customers want shirts with screen printing on them. However, while this printing method works well for bulk orders, only one color per screen can be used, so if you are looking for a single customized design for yourself using screen printing, that is impossible.

2. Direct to Garments

After screen printing, the DTG printing method is popular. It is easy to print the shirts using this method, but if you plan to print the shirts yourself, you need skills and basic knowledge to do so. DTG printers are similar to office printers, the difference here is, the ink is directed towards fabric instead of paper. With this method, you have to upload the design on the computer, and then print it. This printing method is commonly used for more complex designs as the result is an ultra-thin ink design on the shirt.

3. Dye Sublimation

This printing method works better on fabrics of lighter shades. Although a little more expensive as compared to the other two, this method produces highly-professional results at the end. However, if you plan to go with this method for your T-shirt printing businessyou need to have extensive knowledge of the dye sublimation technique.

4. CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

This printing method comprises of a professional cut with the help of the CAD cutter. Next, the design is printed on the fabric using a heat press method. CAD vinyl printing is ideal for printing multiple types of garments in different colors. It is best used for small words, slogans and graphics, but not for printing larger areas since the flexibility of the T-shirt will be lost.

5. Transfer Paper Method

This method works by imprinting the design first on one surface, which usually tends to be paper, and then using the heat press machine to is print it on the fabric. Previously, this method was used for adding décor to the ceramics. However, today, the transfer paper method is widely used all around the world.

Now that we’ve seen the top 5different t shirt printing methods used worldwide, opt for the method that is most feasible for your business. Try to understand what the customers want, and then make a decision. Try contacting other companies for T-shirt printing in Singapore and see what method they practice.

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