Anti Odor T-Shirt Printing

Our Anti-Odor T-Shirts is our latest innovation aim to improve the experience of each and every sports person. It comes with anti-bacterial properties because that is effective in killing off 99.94% of germs, hence removing any odor and such on the fabric. The material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.  Anti-Odor T-Shirts are composed from high quality, durably fabric that feels soft and comfortable on your skin. It absorbs perspiration very quickly, and dries quickly so that you will feel much more  comfortable as compared to other Sports T-Shirt.

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Anti-Odor T-Shirt & Polo Tees - Classic Dual Color T-Shirt

Any printing method will be suitable for this range of Anti-Odor material t-shirt. Silk screen printing method will be highly recommended for this material. Choosing the right t-shirt printing method is one of the important to make your t-shirt look good and professional. Complicated artwork might cause the t-shirt to look unappealing and sloppy. Keep the artwork simple will be a better choice as it will also help to reduce the cost of the t-shirt.

Anti-Odor T-Shirt Printing

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