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Tips For Designing Your Own T-Shirt

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The thought of designing and printing your own t-shirt is indeed exciting, but before you dive into t-shirt designing you’ll need to consider a few factors.

There are many reasons why you need t-shirt designing. Whether it is for raising funds or promotional purposes, having a unique t-shirt design to stand out from others is the most important part of designing your t-shirt.

Designing a t-shirt does not have to take up a lot of time, besides, you get to customise your very own design by following these few steps below.

1-Selecting A Suitable Font

Before you go into the image or design that you intend to print onto your shirt, you should pick out a suitable font if you have any text in mind. The font needs to go along with the message printed on the t-shirt.

When you choose the correct font to complement the design or image, you will give your t-shirt a professional touch. By doing this, you will ensure that it is appealing within the first look.

2-Picking an Image

You can also consider the option of printing an image on a t-shirt in place of words or even do both. With the case of images, you may choose among the wide selection of images available, from a famous artiste in the pop industry or images of your favourite cartoon character.

You can make it a unisex shirt by choosing a design that suits both genders, or you can also decide to pick an image that is more catered to a specific gender. For instance, ladies may be interested in printing of flowered images.

3-Choose Your Colours

Everyone has their own taste when it comes colour, but don’t forget to pick a colour that will complement the t-shirt colour, image or design. Enquire with a designer who is experienced in t-shirt printing in Singapore so that you’ll be able to come up with the best colour combinations.

Pick colours that are attractive, eye-catching and blends well with one another. Some messages may require you to use special colours due to various campaigns. Choosing bright colours for your t-shirt is good if you intend to leave a striking impression. Otherwise, you can always play around with complementary colours if you prefer to play it safe but still want to ensure that the final results of the t-shirt are still splendid.

4-Choose a Funny Illustration

You can never go wrong with something comical for your t-shirt. What’s more, they are becoming more popular these days across all ages. Memes from the Internet are especially a favourite among the public, some of these include images of animals mimicking humans by drinking or cute animals wearing sunglasses. Though this idea may seem rather simple, the idea is very funny and appealing.

5-Keep It Simple

Keeping a t-shirt print design simple makes it look better and more appealing. Details are a great idea, but ensure they are simple and do not seem too crowded. Try to keep it minimal and very clean, to enable clear viewing of the message or illustration from afar.

Reading and remembering the message may also be difficult if the design of the t-shirt is too complex. Besides, it’s always good to go with simplicity and avoid making the design more complex. 

6-Fine Printing

Make sure your t-shirt printing looks great with all kind of printing, including the fine printing. Plan out on how you want the fine printing to be done, such as the appropriate size and style.

Look at a preview of the t-shirt design before printing it out to ensure the illustration works well and is visible to one’s eyes. At this step, you should consider outlining the fine printing to make it even more visible.

7-Push Out Your Message

A t-shirt is printed with a certain intention in mind. It is important to ensure that the message printed on the t-shirt will reach out to your target audience successfully. This is especially with promotions and campaigns. T-shirts do a great job in delivering the message since they also last for a long period of time.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing your own t-shirt, from costs, designs, colours and so on. Engage with an established company like Yellow Inch to ensure that you are able to meet all your requirements when it comes to designing your own t-shirt. You only want the best results, so make sure you pick the best t-shirt printing company that suits you best.

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