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How To Promote Your Business With T-Shirts

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One best way to promote your business is through the use of promotional giveaways. Though there are many things a business can use as a freebie, using a t-shirt is definitely the best way to promote your business as many customers prefer wearable products. Moreover, they will most likely give out the products to friends and family when they exhaust the need.

Getting customers to wear your shirt is a fool-proof way of marketing your brand as they’ll be ‘bringing’ your brand to various places, meaning that your brand will naturally acquire recognition.

Choose the best t-shirts, both design, and material, have them branded and figure out the right time award your customers with a free gift. Below are very useful ideas on how to use t-shirts to promote your business.

1-Use T-shirts When Pitching for New Clients

There are plenty of techniques to use when trying to sway new clients your way. Giving out valuable promotional products to a potential client will go a long way to convincing one that your company will offer the best services as per his/her needs.

Compared to other products, one best way to promote your business could be a t-shirt. It adds a more personal feel, giving a sense of appreciation and care to the clients. So, when you’re pitching for a meeting or event, you should use this perfect opportunity to award potential clients with a t-shirt and win them over to try out your products and services.

2-Host Social Media Contest

Social media is one of the best ways to actively interact with your clients, on top of being an excellent platform to market your brand. Besides the interaction that social media offers, you should utilise it to make your existing clients feel appreciated and win over more clients by hosting contests in all your platforms, followed by offering free branded t-shirts to the designated winners.

Come up with a very unique design that will appeal to most of your clients and give them the incentive of participating to win.

3-Award inactive clients

It is easy to concentrate on active and potential clients so much that you forget to win back former clients. There are different reasons as to why some clients stop seeking your services, but it is still possible to win them back.

One way to do this is to send them branded t-shirts and attach flyers with offers that might win their interest. Personalized freebies are a good way to convince clients to do business with you again.

4-Have staff hand out samples

You can organize a screen advertisement campaign and have your staff members wear promotional t-shirts. A uniform is a good way to show that your business is well organized.

It also appeals greatly to new and existing customers. Make it more exciting by getting your staff to engage with people with fun trivia questions and awarding the winners with free t-shirts. The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also choose to give t-shirts out to those who are willing to sign up newsletters or loyalty cards.

A perfect way to build on your relationship with your client is to attach a free t-shirt each time you respond to issues raised by them, either concerning your services or product. Furthermore, it helps to cool the anger and reinstate trust.

There are many renowned companies dealing with t-shirt printing in Singapore, so take your pick and contract the best company to brand your t-shirts. T-shirt printing services are very affordable as long as you make the right choice when sourcing for a company.

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