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Advantages Of Silk Screening Over Digital Screening

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Even with the emergence of new digital methods of t-shirt printing, the advantages of silk screening remains very popular and arguably the best method. This is because it allows for amazing creativity and has been used for a very long time. It does qualify to be categorized as a traditional method.

However, the technique has improved greatly over the years, making it best applicable even when compared to recent methods such as digital screening. Here are unique advantages that make silk screen printing in Singapore better than digital screening.

Unique Outputs

There is no better quality printing than silk screening technique. Compared to digital screening, the ink used is absorbed deeper into the fabric, yielding better images and designs. It is best when printing dark coloured t-shirts.  This is because you can apply thicker screen print ink to achieve more vibrant colours and create a long-lasting effect for your shirts.


When it comes to large-scale printing, silk screening is more cost-effective compared to digital screening. It is easy to achieve higher volumes of identical designs printed by using silk screening. The tools used in silk screening are very affordable. Using affordable materials to print more objects at a low cost makes silk screening a better option compared to digital screening.

Long-lasting Quality Results

Silk screening ink is water-based. This means that it has better ability to bond with the t-shirt’s material. The method also allows one to use thicker ink compared to the ink used in digital screening.

The final result is a clearer and deeper image if we compare it with digital screening. Moreover, the shirt is of very high quality so you can be assured that it can brace repeated washing without peeling out, cracking or fading. You can also add other chemicals to the ink so as to protect it from UV rays, other chemicals and scratches.

High Versatility

There are plenty of materials that can be used in silk screening. These materials include vinyl plastic, metals and also fabric. Even better, you can use the same screens to print the designs on banners, posters and wallpapers.

More so, you can use silk screening to print cloths and objects of all shapes and sites. You can virtually use silk screen printing to print on anything without any trouble.

A straightforward process

The concept of silk screening is very straightforward and does not change when done manually or automatically. The tools used do not wear and tear as quickly as in digital screening and replacing them is very easy. This is why companies doing t-shirt printing in Singapore use silk printing extensively.

It is clear that there are a number of factors to consider before choosing which method of printing is suitable. Factors like the size of the order, the shapes and sizes of objects being printed also add to the complexity of the designs you want to print.

Other important aspects also include colour, material and the overall time that will be used in printing. When take all these factors into consideration, you’ll see that silk screening has a lot more advantages compared to digital screening.

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